Hydraulic shower trolleys

Need some good equipment for the hospital or aged care facility? The hydraulic shower trolleys from TR Equipment meets all the hygienic and quality standards that you can think of, providing easy to understand controls along with sturdiness and a low cost of ownership. Through their focus on patient hygiene, comfort and easy usage, TR Equipment has produced shower trolleys and other similar products to help aged care facilities and hospitals with make it easier to clean, shower and assisting patients and elderly

Through its design you can easily shower the patient or elder person without needing to do much heavy lifting and it has easy access to make transferring the person up onto the trolley easier. The foot controls assure a handsfree experience when needed for the caretaker. Outside of showering, the shower trolley can also be used to help the caretaker with dressing and nursing a patient. 

Improving the experience 

The importance of good equipment such as shower trolleys shouldn’t be underestimated as it lessens the workload and stress that caretakers otherwise would have to endure. It leads to less risk of work related injuries and makes showering, dressing and nursing a much-improved experience for both the patient and caretaker. 

With high quality shower trolleys from TR Equipment you’ll have trolleys that will last and endure for many years while helping tremendously in keeping a good hygiene among patients and ease the burden on caretakers. There’s very few reasons not to get a shower trolley and many reasons to get one. 

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